Adam Toms drops by the studio to raise Autism Awareness (30 Mar 2014)

Lance Birrell talks up an upcoming Charity Event (30 Mar 2014)

Ben Ransom drops by the studio for a chat (30 Mar 2014)

Michael Macnamara talks CSG Protest 30 Mar 2014)

The Gift of giving and lessons learned (29 Mar 2014)

The one and only Robie Porter drops in for a chat (Part 1) (23 Mar 2014)

Robie Porter (Rob E.G.) drops in for a chat (Part 2) (23 Mar 2014)

Georgia Fall drop by for a chat and a few songs LIVE (22 Mar 2014)

Young Toni calls in to talk about her dogs (15 Mar 2014)

The talented Amanda Gibson drops in for a chat (15 Mar 2014)

Radio Referendum on Capital Punishment (15 Mar 2014)

May from Taree does Daniel O’Donnell (15 Mar 2014)

Winston calls in to chat with Carter about his cruise (9 Mar 2014)

Roo Arcus joins Carter for a chat (9 Mar 2014)

The lovely and talented Jasmine Rae (9 Mar 2014)

Daniel O’Donnell talks to Carter Edwards (8 Mar 2014)

The Viper Creek  Band drop by for a chat about their new album (2 Mar 2014)

Carter catches up with an old mate who gave him start (2 Mar 2014)

Arthur Napper (93 year old aviator) and all round nice bloke (1 Mar 2014)

Brayden (8) discusses being bitten by a red back spider (1 Mar 2014)

Christie Lamb discussing her album launch (23 Feb 2014)

Jennifer from Coolongolook discusses a different side of Carter (22 Feb 2014)

Julie from Maitland on the G20 and Sharyn Killens (22 Feb 2014)

A VERY touching call from Sharyn Killens (22 Feb 2014)

A PRETTY WOMAN named Jan from Young Calls in (16 Feb 2014)

Lyn from Ballina shares some kind words (15 Feb 2014)

John from Toowoomba calls in to say G’day (15 Feb 2014)

Sally-Anne Whitten calls in for a chat (15 Feb 2014)

ALFRED’s been off to see THE QUEEN (9 Feb 2014)

ICMA Winners Neilly-Rich call in for a chat (9 Feb 2014)

Eleanor (Jackie) calls in to say how wonderful life is now! (8 Feb 2014)

5 Year Old Isaac calls up to sing us a song (8 Feb 2014)

2014 Toyota Starmaker Winner Jared Porter (8 Feb 2014)

The very lovely and multi-talented Victoria Edwards (2 Feb 2014)

Golden Guitar Winner Lachlan Bryan (2 Feb 2014)

Carter turns around for Nifty (1 Feb 2014)

Amos Morris talks to Carter Edwards (1 Feb 2014)

Lee Kernaghan drops by for a chat at 2TM Tamworth (24 Jan 2014)

Carter is presented with Peoples Choice Award at 2TM (24 Jan 2014)

Pete and Dianne Lindsay in Tamworth (23 Jan 2014)

Carter ambushed on-air with his ICMA AWARD (23 Jan 2014)

Luke O’Shea and Phil Doublet at 2TM Tamworth LIVE (21 Jan 2014)

Graham Rodger at 2TM Tamworth LIVE (21 Jan 2014)

Lawrie Minson at 2TM Tamworth LIVE (21 Jan 2014)

Belle Harvey who was busking in Peel Street in Tamworth (20 Jan 2014)

John Stephan joins Carter in Tamworth (20 Jan 2014)

The one, the only Jade Hurley  (12 Jan 2014)

Kel-Anne Brandt chats with Carter Edwards (12 Jan 2014)

Neil from the Sunshine Coast has his say (11 Jan 2014)

Julie from Maitland and a follow up call from Jack (11 Jan 2014)

Johanna Hemara & her ICMA Nomination (11 Jan 2014)

Carter on the surging NZ Dollar (11 Jan 2014)

Prof. Ronald Laura of Newcastle University (10 Jan 2014)

Ian “Macca” MacRae talks 2SM in the 70’s (6 Jan 2014)

Nifty does DeanO (Martin LOL) (5 Jan 2014)

Pete Denahy (Musician, Vocalist and Comedian) (2 Jan 2014)